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Answers to frequently asked questions

BarePaws Puppy Yoga is a unique and uplifting experience. Our sessions provide you with all of the benefits of a yoga session with a bunch of adorable puppies to interact with. Puppies and Yoga allow us to release happy hormones: oxytocin and serotonin to our brains, so our sessions are fun, highly therapeutic and will improve your mental and physical health. It’s an ultimate cuteness overload!

No you do not need to own or bring a puppy. We provide the puppies. 

The puppies we provide are young and cannot mix with older dogs just yet.

No you do not need to bring a yoga mat. We provide the yoga mats but if you have a fab favourite yoga mat that you would like to bring, feel free! 

We usually recommend that you attend our sessions in comfortable clothes and minimal jewellery. 

No, just bring yourself, your mobile phone – for all the adorable pictures and a bottle of water – to stay hydrated.

Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee that we will have changing facilities at our venues, so please come ready in your comfortable clothing to begin your Puppy Yoga experience.

We ensure that all of the puppies come from trusted and responsible breeders and we work very closely with each breeder.

At BarePaws yoga Yoga we invite the breeder and their puppies to work with us, typically when the puppies are 8-14 weeks old, before the puppies leave to go to their forever homes.

In the first 3 months of a puppies life it is very important to expose puppies to different people, new environments, sounds and smells. BarePaws Puppy Yoga is a safe and fun space that aids with the puppies socialisation and confidence.

We educate all of our clients on how to interact with the puppies, and we always have staff on hand at all times to look after them. Therefore, we are enabling the puppies to become healthier and happier dogs.🐶🐶🐶🥰🥰🥰

We all know how kids love cute puppies and we will help your little ones handle the cutes puppies.

However, children should be supervised by parents at all times.